What is Gruntland?

It is a place where pigs live happily in their families. They have got their own affairs, problems and entertainment. Humans are not their enemies because they became vegans a long time ago and both species can coexist in peace and harmony. Pigs are very smart and joyful so in an idealistic world they live like people. That is the opening fairy tale…

In fact it is a blog created for young English learners as a tool useful both for teachers and students.

Everything began with one mascot pig – Grunting. I bought it for myself because I love pigs. Then my adult student brought me another toy pig, and another, and another…. Each lesson she brought me a pig. I have no idea how she managed to find so many stuffed toy pigs in second hand shops… However – a big collection was created and an idea came to my mind to make use of it. So I divided the toys into families, gave them names, drew their family trees, prepared their portraits and… started this blog.

Dear teacher,

You will find here useful texts presenting Gruntland citizens’ adventures and characteristics. They concern various English grammar structures and vocabulary, and are divided into categories. Have fun teaching English and let me know what you think about this project. Feel free to spread the information about this blog. You can copy the texts, but please indicate the source. You may also prepare your own exercises for students connected with particular stories and share them with me. I may publish them. If you, or your students have any idea for the new episodes in Gruntland – share them with me too. We can create this virtual world together.

Dear student,

Enjoy yourself reading this blog, practice the grammar and learn the bolded words (ask your teacher what they mean or use the dictionary) Try to write your own stories about Gruntland families and e-mail them to me. I may publish them here. English is fun!!!



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